Celebrating 15 years
in an industry we love

Learn more about the gorilla

years of

In 2005, Chuck and Tami Lucius founded Independent Brokerage with 12 employees, a garage, and a gorilla. (See more about the gorilla here.) Its name was later changed to Gradient Insurance Brokerage and it was the first member company of what would become Gradient Financial Group.

Chuck and Tami worked tirelessly to build a financial organization that is inspired by family and guided by responsibility, innovation and relationships. Fifteen years later, their vision for Gradient is evident throughout its cutting-edge platform of products and services available to independent financial professionals.

years of

We built relationships with our clients over the years, and to serve them we had to build new companies, too.

Today, the Gradient family of companies offers a diverse portfolio of products and services, including insurance products, investment advisory services, asset management, securities, non-biased case support and tax strategies, and compliance services.

We also offer a full-service creative design firm, the proprietary KonnexME technology platform, and an inspiring non-profit organization in the Gradient Gives Back Foundation.

years of
fulfilling work

Every product, every service, and every role in our company is designed to connect our financial professionals to the tools they need to create the business they want — and connect their clients to a confident financial future.

We consider it an honor to have served those amazing professionals for 15 years, and look forward to serving them for many more.

What’s with the gorilla?

We mentioned that garage earlier — the one where it all began. Well, outside that garage was a statue of a gorilla. We have no idea how or why the gorilla statue was there, but he was always there. He may not be pretty, but he’s ours. And he’s a wonderful reminder of our roots.

We always remember how important every single one of our clients was to us in those days and place the same importance on every client we have today. The gorilla helps us keep that focus.