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Gradient Financial Group, LLC maintains the internal shared services that provide consistency and compliant processes for our Gradient Financial Group family of companies. These services include accounting, legal, human resources, information technology and corporate communications.


Through much of the last decade, Founders Charles (Chuck) and Tami Lucius have worked tirelessly to build a financial services organization that is inspired by family and guided by independence, responsibility and innovation. Together, they set out to form an organization for independent financial services professionals that is captivating, yet not captive, and a model operation for long-term success.

This model recognizes that consumers will continue to change, and financial services professionals will always need to grow and adapt to properly serve their clients.

Within the Gradient Financial Group family of companies, there are many options for how you might choose to grow your business, but one thing stays the same – our investment in technology, transparency, planning and practice management will make the transition as seamless as possible. That is why we offer a diverse product platform and specialized support services for your practice today – and your growth tomorrow. We offer financial services professionals access to insurance products, investment advisory services, asset management, securities, and non-biased case support and tax strategies through Case Central, LLC. Plus, we offer access to our KonnexME, LLC technology platform, creative design and media services through Gradient Positioning Systems, LLC, and compliance services through RIA Registrar, LLC.


Inspired by the drive to be captivating, not captive.

In 2005, founders Chuck and Tami Lucius took a chance. They left behind their corporate careers to start a business that is inspired by independence. Today, Gradient Financial Group, LLC and our family of companies serve independent financial services professionals located across the United States in communities, big and small.

The individuals we serve also take chances every day, choosing to run their own businesses to help guide their communities to a successful retirement. These financial services professionals understand the opportunities that owning a business affords them, and they make the decision to run businesses that are not restricted by the needs of a particular company or product carrier. These individuals are free to provide retirement strategies to clients that are truly based on the clients’ needs.


Guided by a responsibility to provide excellent service.

We seek to inspire financial services professionals to build their business with a vision to serve their clients by providing comprehensive financial strategies with an uncompromising ethical standard and commitment to integrity.

As we pave the way in our industry, we are continually implementing best practices and technology solutions to ensure businesses can continue to thrive in a new generation of financial services. With our ongoing pledge to faithfully serve both the end consumer and the financial services professional, our dual-focused approach is aimed toward long-term sustainability and prosperity for not only your business, but for those you work so hard to serve.


Fueled by innovation and a visionary mentality.

Our vision is to be the best financial services firm in the country with a relentless commitment and passion for our employees, independent financial services professionals, clients and community. We maintain our ability to grow by providing unmatched products and services in fixed insurance, investment management, securities and charitable giving.

Since our inception, we have led the way in our industry, encouraging all financial services professionals to prepare for the future and transition their practice by obtaining proper licensure and registration. We have helped hundreds by showing them the inherent value of providing their clients with a fiduciary level of care and conducting their business with proper disclosure, documentation and record keeping. This commitment is fueled by our investment in proprietary tools and advanced technology solutions to connect financial services professionals to their clients.


Motivated by genuine, lasting relationships.

Relationships are the foundation of a successful business. We possess an unwavering commitment to the financial services professional we serve, and we seek to treat each individual like family. We promise an environment that is a natural extension of our values.

We seek lasting relationships that generate positive energy and results with the desire to achieve long-term success. We encourage financial services professionals that we serve to also maintain an unwavering commitment to client relationships. By providing clients with a wealth of resources, tools and technology to help empower them to prepare for retirement, the financial services professionals we work with establish the foundation for ongoing client relationships.


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