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Gradient Gives Back

A nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting communities by giving a hand up, instead of a handout, to deserving families in need.

Community Outreach

The Gradient Financial Group family of companies has always been guided by the philosophy that giving back is a fundamental part of success. The Gradient Gives Back Foundation seeks to unite communities by giving a hand up, instead of a handout, to deserving families in need. Since its establishment, the Foundation has awarded mortgage or lease payments to numerous families across the United States and continues its commitment to actions that make immediate and real differences in the lives of families who have fallen on hard times.

About Us

Gradient Gives Back Foundation is a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization that supports the Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program and devotes its resources to assisting Americans. The Foundation strives to help poor, distressed or underprivileged American families who are at risk of losing their homes. Gradient Gives Back Foundation has assisted families in Minnesota, Michigan, Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, Kansas, Washington, Utah, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Georgia, Nebraska, Maryland, New Jersey and Tennessee.


Gradient Gives Back Foundation awards a full year of mortgage or lease payments to deserving families as part of its nationwide Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program. The Foundation hopes to relieve selected families of the significant monthly obligation of a mortgage or lease payment, thus alleviating anxiety and helping the family regroup and prepare for the future. Whether this financial benefit allows families to dedicate time and resources to an in-depth job search or allows them to get caught up on medical expenses, getting back on their feet becomes more feasible with the support offered through the Foundation. Since its establishment, Gradient Gives Back Foundation has helped numerous families who have fallen on hard times. The Foundation has been recognized by national media outlets across the country including “Fox & Friends” on Fox News Channel, the former Fox Business Network show titled "Fox Business Happy Hour," and "Money Matters" on ABC News Now. To date, the Foundation has been featured on hundreds of television and radio programs and print media.


The publicity generated by our national program, combined with the overwhelming interest from financial services professionals, paved the way for Gradient Gives Back Local. Gradient Gives Back Local takes our nationwide program and delivers it to you … at the local level. Gradient Gives Back Local is a proven platform that gives you the distinct opportunity to gain credibility by giving back to your community. You will stand apart from your competition when you donate six to 12 months of mortgage or rent payments to underprivileged families in your local community. Let Gradient Gives Back Local place you front and center as a community leader. Now is your opportunity to step forward and make a difference today in your local community.