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The Catalyst Approach

The Catalyst Approach is efficient and transparent way to thoroughly evaluate your business, define your goals, and choose the catalysts that will help you turn those goals into reality.

About Us

The Catalyst Approach's systematic method begins with an assessment of your current business in four key areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Leadership

We identify the tools, training, teams, and technology that can accelerate your progress. Then, we help you act on your plan and provide the support you need along the way. Beyond helping your business grow, our tailored recommendations can stabilize your professional journey.

Impactful Tools

Additionally, the Catalyst team's expertise is only the beginning. We offer purpose-built tools like Coaching Circles, discussion boards, and insights from top financial services professionals to create a collaborative network of other financial services professionals that provide support, insight, and guidance.

Coaching Designed to Accelerate

Working with our skilled Catalyst coaches, you and your team — whether big or small — will be guided through the following steps designed to align your actions with your ambition.

Take the Catalyst assessment in the Catalyst app to get a deeper sense of where you are right now and what goals you want to set and achieve.

Determine steps that will assist you in achieving your preferred outcomes with the help of the Catalyst coaches.

Leverage your chosen catalysts like tools, training, teams and/or coaching to make quicker impacts in your business and life.

Receive help to enact your catalysts or to hold yourself accountable from the Catalyst coaches who are ready to provide the support and cheerleading you need.

Contact your V.P. of Marketing at 800.407.4137 or visit the Catalyst app in the KonnexME Portal to get started!