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Case Central

A case design firm that leverages industry experience and technology solutions to provide comprehensive case analysis.

Case Design

Case Central, LLC is the first portal of its kind to be introduced to the independent financial services professional and is one of the most advanced systems available in the financial industry.

About Us

Case Central is a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and investment advisors that help ensure you give appropriate and balanced recommendations that meet your clients' needs.

Not all clients are the same — they may have a variety of planning and product needs, which can make it challenging to prepare for every scenario. That's where Case Central comes in. Boasting extensive, hands-on financial services experience, your case manager partners with a team of case design specialists who prepare comprehensive case analysis through Case Central's secure web-based portal.

Supportive Services

Using the Case Central secure web-based portal, you can easily upload key case information and documents. Case Central makes record-keeping easy by allowing you to track and document the progress and development of your case every step of the way — a transparent evolution that greatly bolsters the process with clients. To assist with your transparency and documentation, the team conducts their work based on the documents you upload to the Case Central portal, which are available to the Case Central team when appropriate, but always available to your clients in their Generational Vault. When transparency, documentation and disclosure are enabled by technology, serving the needs of your clients becomes a naturally integrated outcome of all that you do.

Proprietary Software Reports

Not all client scenarios are the same – our proprietary software reports and financial analysis ensures you always have the right tools to craft the appropriate solution for each client.

Financial Overview

The Financial Overview report is used to summarize important case information you provide to Case Central. That summary of asset information, income sources, and client goals serves as a baseline to build many of our reports.

Color of Money

Before a client can make an informed decision about their assets, they need to have a clear understanding about their attitude towards risk and how it relates to their retirement. The Color of Money report explores how your clients feel about potential gains and losses, and examines the predictability of their assets.

Social Security Maximization

The Social Security Maximization report analyzes possible filing strategies, examines multiple scenarios, and helps determine a solution for your clients. It provides a retirement roadmap with dates and instructions to optimize Social Security income.

Retirement Compass

The Retirement Compass report brings multiple financial strategies together to create a cohesive plan for your client. This report provides your client with a plan of action by demonstrating their lifetime income plan and investment strategies they can utilize to obtain their financial goals.

Portfolio Analysis Review

The Portfolio Analysis Review (PAR) process gives your clients a detailed breakdown and written analysis of their investment portfolios. The PAR process includes a Morningstar Snapshot and Stock Intersection, account inventory, investment commentary, and Portfolio Pilot. These reports help your clients understand the risks and rewards of their current financial situation.

Allocation Roadmap

The Allocation Roadmap is an interactive online tool that provides valuable insight to the proposed investment portfolio. By creating a detailed map of their current financial landscape and charting possible routes to their desired financial future, they can explore and review the impact of eachroute.

Morningstar Reports

Morningstar is a leading provider of independent investment research. Morningstar reports deliver pertinent facts from an independent source for an unbiased analysis of your clients’ current investments.

Found Money Tax

The Found Money Tax report will add value to your next meeting by guiding key tax conversations designed to educate your client and help them make informed decisions. Topics may include Roth conversions, Social Security taxation, net-unrealized appreciation, and more.

Custom Annuity Policy Review

The Custom Annuity Policy Review report examines rider fees and internal expenses associated with a variable annuity policy. This report illustrates the cost associated with owning the policy and how it may affect potential returns.

Portfolio Pilot

The Portfolio Pilot analyzes the risk-to-reward ratio of a client's current portfolio and compares it to solutions available through Gradient Investments. This report can give your clients peace-of-mind knowing their assets are appropriately allocated.

Rule of 100

The Rule of 100 report marks the starting point for your conversation about risk. This report displays your clients’ current asset allocation and risk level, then provides a flexible age-based recommendation.

Income Aviator

If your clients are concerned about outliving their income, Income Aviator will bring structure to an otherwise confusing concept. Draft a retirement flight plan to illustrate how to partition retirement assets to maximize returns.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is a tool used to display your clients’ current accounts and link them with your specific account proposal. This tool can be used as a guide while walking through the Retirement Compass report and serves as a reference in your client file, tracking the account transfers that have been completed.