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Stovall & Associates

A team of CPAs and tax professionals who have an unparalleled understanding of the consultative planning process.

CPA Firm

When you partner with one of the Gradient Financial Group, LLC family of companies, you have access to tax strategies and reports that can help limit the impact taxes may have on your clients’ retirements. You also have access to high-level CPA tax strategies through our third-party affiliate Stovall & Associates, Ltd., a team of CPAs and tax professionals who have an unparalleled understanding of the consultative planning process.

About Us

Stovall & Associates is an independent, privately-owned tax planning, preparation and filing firm of CPAs and tax professionals. Stovall & Associates provides the Gradient Financial Group family of companies with dedicated tax strategy support, which is communicated and managed through Case Central, LLC. Ultimately, one of the best ways to protect your clients’ retirements as a financial services professional is to limit the impact taxes may have on their assets. But even if you have years of industry experience, it’s impossible to be an expert on every topic. By partnering with Gradient Financial Group, you can provide your clients with a wealth of tax experience and show your commitment to them by providing the highest level of service possible.

Tax Strategy

Far too often, clients fail to understand the impact tax return errors can have on their future financial plans. Every year, a high number of tax returns are filed with errors, which can prove to be very costly if they are left uncorrected. Your clients count on you to help them prevent unfortunate situations like this from happening, and providing them with proper tax strategies is a key part of your ability to do so.

Tax Reports

Three tax reports are available to you through Case Central. These reports give you the opportunity to minimize your clients’ tax burdens and build a solid foundation of tax reduction strategies that can result in years of tax savings. These reports include:

  • 1040 Snapshot
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation Analysis
  • Roth Conversion Analysis

CPA and Tax Preparation Services

When you need to engage in high-level CPA tax strategies, you can choose to utilize the services provided by Stovall & Associates. Stovall & Associates is available for services such as tax returns, Second Opinion Tax Reviews and high-level CPA planning for you and your clients. If you are interested in these services, Case Central acts as the portal to submit these requests. Once you submit a request, Case Central coordinates with Stovall & Associates to provide you with an engagement letter outlining Stovall & Associates' fee schedule. Based on the needs of the case, you and your client can then choose whether or not to engage the assistance of Stovall & Associates. CPA and tax preparation services through Stovall & Associates include:

Second Opinion Prior-Year Individual and Business Tax Return Reviews

We will conduct a comprehensive review of your prior-year tax return. If we identify errors, we will re-file the return for you, and you keep 100 percent of any refund money found. We also offer second opinion tax review services to businesses and will review your business returns for errors, missed deductions, and additional refund money.

Personalized CPA Consultation and Support

We are not limited to the tax services outlined. We provide a 360-degree approach to tax service and support, a circular method that provides you the opportunity to receive feedback and services as they relate to your past, present, and future tax strategies. This allows us to personalize our offering to your unique situation.

Personalized Tax Projection Reports

A tax projection performed by a CPA is a powerful service when making major financial decisions and life style changes. Proper tax planning includes proactive advice on tax reduction strategies based on several key areas including income, expenses, individual needs and goals.

Year-End Tax Filing Services

We will prepare and file your income tax return with the highest level of professionalism and service in the industry. We will answer your tax questions and review and e-file your return. Your tax return is prepared so you only pay what you are required to pay and not a penny more.